Expressroom is a Java-based, XML-powered content management system developed by Industrial Medium, Inc. We at Lattice Group use it to provide our clients with the control, flexibility, and power they need to effectively produce, manage, and administer large or complex, enterprise-level web sites. It provides convenient, structured controls for check-in/check-out versioning for every aspect of website development including the content, graphical presentation and code. This makes the content development environment work smoothly, especially when there are multiple contributors, which is frequent with large sites. Expressroom also provides us with a means to view and consider previews of the site in the development mode before we make the site live, and provide e-commerce and search result functionality. As a custom solution developer, Lattice Group uses Expressroom’s APIs in our solutions to extend the product's functionality and create the right solution applications for each of our clients. As with Drupal and CiviCRM, we have found the product to be well-documented and supported. 

The benefits of using Expressroom for large, customized sites are numerous:

  • Offers smooth transitions, integrating seamlessly into existing system architectures through its APIs,
  • Makes collaboration easy between multiple parties who are developing content, and
  • Makes website delivery to mobile devices easy, including wireless phones and PDAs.

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