Lattice Group offers affordable managed hosting and co-location services with multiple facilities housing our servers to ensure redundancy and reliability.  We understand that selection of a good hosting environment is key to any site's robustness and good disaster recovery procedures and are committed to keeping your websites and your servers up and running at all times.

For this reason, our servers are maintained by Lattice Group staff and are backed up daily.  Our servers are up more than 99.9% of the time and on average experience down time of less than 5 hours per year.  (Higher uptimes are of course possible; we feel this level best balances cost against uptime for most purposes.) Our hosting services also provide for automated daily backups, and a cloud service if a crisis is encountered.  

As a part of our managed hosting services, Lattice Group staff regularly updates the operating system and server software to implement security patches and bug fixes when they are needed.  The primary benefits of Lattice Group hosting for our clients is that we set up the server instance from scratch and know where everything is (which speeds troubleshooting and resolution of server issues.  When issues do occur or troubleshooting is needed, there is no third party for us to have to work with to submit trouble tickets (which saves time and money in response calls), and we watch for, evaluate and provide the needed security patches (which DreamHost, Go Daddy, Bluehost, Pair, etc. don’t provide.)  Also of key importance with any provider is that patches cannot be applied without consideration.  Updates may, and do in our experience, create problems with sites that must be followed up on immediately, especially when large version steps are involved.    

Please let us know if you have questions on Lattice Group's hosting services.  We are happy to customize plans as needed by your organization. 

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