Medical Chart Management

Our clients represent true pioneers in the field of online medical information management; and the systems we have developed for them provide the backbone of these business-critical functions.

Full Digitization and Online Access of Medical Charts

A core element of Lattice Group's work in the Health Care Sector is the full digitization and online access of medical charts, progress notes, and other patient information.  Our solutions include one of the first web-based portals for retrieving, storing, and analyzing medical charts and other patient information. In addition, they provide the following benefits:

  • Upload patient documents and change chart status,
  • Retrieve, store, review and analyze medical charts and other patient information online,
  • Release, revise, freeze and update charts for data entry, and
  • Add or remove chart pages.

Collection & Compilation of Sensitive Data

The systems we at Lattice Group have designed, developed and implemented are currently used to collect and compile patient and chart data, allow access to the data for review, and aggregate the data for audit and analysis. It is the collection and compilation of sensitive data in a heavily regulated and monitored sector. It also reflects work that is often performed by end users that have mixed levels of technical expertise, including nurses, coders, and medical record specialists. As a result of focused attention to these considerations and others, the systems we have implemented ultimately have resulted in significantly decreased cost, error reduction and improved quality of care for our health care sector clients.

Chart Assignment, Management and Control

Part of the beauty of online data management is the ability to control data flow to optimize how employee resources are being used - to avoid overtasking one employee while undertaking another.&Lattice Group has developed custom solutions to optimize employee workloads.  We have developed custom tools that assign charts to Coders for data entry, allow users to review patient data and generate reports, and abstract information from patient charts.

Aggregate and Analyze Data

Once aggregated, other tools we have created and implemented are used to give researchers and analysts a "big picture" view of patient care, perform Quality Assurance on entered data, and grade Abstractors. The abstracted medical records are further fed into adaptive learning engines, which check for gaps in care and thus help improve care for members with chronic conditions. At the executive and managerial level, comprehensive information about care helps with financial forecasting, clinical quality improvement, and other initiatives.

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