Apple Watch & Android Wear

Lattice Group has created custom mobile applications that securely communicate financial account information via Apple Watch and Android Wear. These award-winning solutions allow authorized users to securely login with their financial account credentials and access their account information while on the go, affecting thousands of plan participants, clients, members and Administrators.

With these mobile apps, Lattice Group designed, developed and implemented a custom solution that

  • Securely parses and retrieves data from the mobile version of the user's account access to both Apple Watch and Android Wear devices
  • Communicates between iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and Apple Watch
  • Restricts access to a private commercial group (not released to the Apple App Store)
  • Safely provides account balances with an as-of date
  • Provides personalized, year to date account performance
  • Sends automated notifications of portfolio performance including the ability for account holders to specify their notification time and select desired notification device (phone, Google Glass, Apple Watch and Android Wear), which all communicate with each other, and
  • Provides the user's estimated account balance, monthly income and investment trend.

With Android Wear, there are separate apps for each device while for iOS users, the application is bundled; users install a main app on a given phone, and the phone pushes a wearable version (if it applies) to Apple Watch.

Next Generation

Beyond Apple Watch and Android Wear, Lattice Group has developed a fully operational demo application for Google Glass, extending this finanical services mobile application to that platform. With Glass 2 recently announced, Lattice Group remains on the cutting edge of service innovations to the financial sector.;

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