Patient Management Tools

Lattice Group has developed numerous applications and tools that either directly facilitate or can be used to facilitate patient care and management. These tools allow member/patients, healthcare staff and administrators to:

  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of information held in member/patient files,
  • Confirm member/patient information, including health issues,
  • Schedule appointments as necessary,  
  • Create, plan and manage seminars and events for member/patient populations including online registration and event tracking,
  • Communicate patient alerts (e.g. medication concerns),
  • Communicate news and other information through websites and emailed newsletters,
  • Facilitate the management of patient correspondence, automatically routing information to the appropriate parties for action,
  • Maintain confidentiality and protection of member/patient healthcare information in accordance with HIPAA,
  • Provide online access to healthcare forms,
  • Provide online access to publications,
  • Improve care by allowing care providers to identify those with chronic conditions to send targeted healthcare information to, and
  • Allow member/patients to see and compare how providers meet such issues as quality of care, access to care, and member satisfaction with the health plan and doctors. 

Lattice Group has been developing custom solutions and tools since 1997. Chances are, if you have a specific need for the healthcare industry, we've got it covered.

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