Joint Force Headquarters

The Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region (JFHQ-NCR) was created following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 specifically to prevent and respond to future terrorist attacks and emergencies within the Washington D.C area.  A primary purpose of the JFHQ-NRC is to provide for strong coordination and communication between the various federal, state and local agencies, embassies, groups and organizations operating in the D.C. area.  Part of this response is in conjunction with the military; another part is in support of planned events that require added security, such as during a presidential inauguration, in response to natural disasters or terrorist attacks, or for state funerals and numerous other events.  The sheer scale and high profile nature of these events make them obvious and potential security targets and they are a high safety concern. 

During such events, it was clear resources needed to be meticulously managed to ensure security and avoid resource management issues.  These resources, or assets, include hundreds and hundreds of items, from full military marching bands, to horse-drawn carriages, physical band stands and chairs, etc.  The JFHQ-NCR needed a system that could help them keep track of and manage all of these resources for the various events, move various assets around as needed, safely and without conflict, and provide a credentialing system for approving attendees.  

Lattice Group provided 3 different, mission-critical event management tools and services in support of the JFHQ-NCR’s mission, including the development of 3 web-based tools and the provision of operational, application and system support for its first generation events management capabilities.  Collectively, these tools provide the JFHQ-NCR’s with its first generation events management capabilities,  replace their earlier manual system, and allow them to effectively keep track of and monitor all events, assets and attendees as needed.  

The purpose of the first tool is to provide a complete event management system for all events under JFHQ-NCR management.  This covers high profile events, such as state funeral projects.  These events are quite complicated, including  scheduling of the funeral, procession and march, part in downtown and part at Arlington cemetery, and someone needs to coordinate and secure everything.  The second tool is similar to the first in its function, but it covers special events of all types not related to state funerals, e.g. those that occur at an Army base.  This system manages roughly 1,000 assets, with 20-30 managed per event and approximately 10 major events per month. The third tool provides a highly scalable, 3-tier credentialing program for hundreds of people in the media who want to obtain security clearances to attend state funerals (e.g. the press, diplomats and Presidents of foreign countries.)  This sytem provides a process by which individuals apply online, get checked out, and get credentialed. 

All applications are developed to conform to Federal programming, configuration and security  management standards and are properly documented throughout every phase of the lifecycle. 

With this project, Lattice Group clearly demonstrates our skill and capability to create successful event tracking and management capabilities in the strongest of sensitive, high profile, high security situations.    This work has proven to be especially well-suited for events management.  It delivers timely and relevant information directly, and simplifies communication and management across the entire organization.

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