Data Entry (DE) Tools

Data collection, entry and reporting are integral parts of medical record abstraction, health studies, care performance studies (including HEDIS®), and Medicare/Medicaid (CMS) reimbursements.  In support of this work, Lattice Group has designed, developed and implemented numerous data entry tools, used by researchers and coders alike to upload information to a central database, the central database itself, and also peripheral analysis applications.  As a comprehensive vendor, Lattice Group provides enterprise-level operational, application, and system support.

Data Entry

Numerous concerns need to be taken into account in the design, development and implementation of Data Entry tools for the healthcare sector:

  • The industry is heavily regulated and monitored, 
  • End users typically have multiple levels of technical expertise, 
  • The data is highly sensitive,
  • Data entry can be performed by any number of people with differing skill sets - nurses, coders and medical record specialists,
  • There are often multiple documents to upload at one time, and,
  • Data needs to be assimilated from disparate sources in various formats.

Lattice Group weighs each of these concerns, and others, in the development of Data Entry tools for the health care sector. 

Document Control

A well-designed and controlled data entry process leads to higher quality data, reduced errors, decreased cost, and ultimately, better healthcare administration and higher quality and understanding of the care given.  A tight data entry process begins with control — the ability to upload member/patient documents and charts for Data Entry, assign charts to researchers, release or stop charts for collection and data entry, review member/chart status, and generate reports.  Lattice Group's attention to details in the document control and workflow process lead to greater success in the field - where the rubber meets the road.

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HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).