Google Glass

In close collaboration with our client, Lattice Group developed a fully functional financial services application demo for Google Glass.  This app extends the device range further still - from iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Wear.

As with the Apple Watch and Android Wear applications, the Google Glass application extends the mobile applications to the Glass platform. Authorized account users can:
  • Securely parse and retrieve data from the mobile version of their 
    account access to their Google Glass device, viewing a similar image as seen via Apple Watch and Android Wear devices on the Google Glass platform
  • Safely obtain account balances with an as-of date
  • Obtain personalized, year to date account performance
  • Receive automated notifications of portfolio performance, including the ability to specify their notification time and select desired notification devices (Phone, Apple Watch, Android Wear and Google Glass), which all communicate with each other, and
  • Obtain their estimated account balance, monthly income and investment trend.


This app works as a server – it constantly runs on the Glass and listens for 
incoming connections from the Phone app and the incoming connection provides the account balance, personal performance and chart all in bites, which are delivered on the server app on Glass. Once delivered, Glass parses it and builds 3 notifications shown on Glass on the timeline element: balance, personal portfolio performance, and chart of performance for the whole year.

With Glass 2 recently announced, Lattice Group remains on the cutting edge of service innovations to the financial sector.  

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