In a healthcare system where complexity, repetitive work and inefficiencies abound, Lattice Group works with its clients to add automation measures where possible to increase accuracy, efficiency, compliance and ratings. The systems we have developed provide the backbone of these business-critical functions. Our depth of knowledge and experience allow us to quickly understand your operations and identify appropriate efficiency measures.  We're accustomed to working in environments where full HIPAA-compliance and security measures via remote desktop are the norm.

Automated Charting

  • The user enters the Patient ID and the system generates the files, migrates them to the system and prints the output.

Automated Image Processing & Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

  • The system automates image processing to find the location of links in a webpage, retrieve data through the web, and dynamically prepare documents and cover letters.
  • Determines how many links existed per patient record and how many were enabled/disabled, gaining X-Y coordinates of each link and storing them. 
  • Automatically manipulates the mouse action to programmatically click on each link and extract needed data (such as the original diagnosis).
  • Auto-generate the cover letter, and 
  • Automatically consolidate the data into a report.

Automated Data Retrieval

  • Automates the supply of an input file from websites to a robot to retrieve and store all needed data.
  • Reduced time requirements from 3 minutes per retrieval (human operation) to 2 seconds (robot operation).

Automated Claim Resubmittal

  • Automated performance of a remote process to programmatically log in, access patient data held at multiple hospitals via a web interface, and securely retrieve desired data from a given patient’s medical records (including Patient ID, Date and Social Security) 
  • Auto-complete a form and produces the file, and
  • Resubmits the claim.

Automated Front Desk Tasks

  • Automated retrieving and printing patient healthcare and claims data, 
  • Auto-generation of pdf documents, and 
  • Automated generation of a cover letter based on the retrieved information.

Automated Data Entry

  • Automated data entry, coding a Java robot to automate data entry from the input file.

Automated Data Analysis

  • Simplified a manual effort by automating the parsing of pdf and complaint files sent via email to extract a desired page, add it into a pool, and then allow sorting of individuals by their last name or date as desired to organize the class action response.
  • Performed data analysis to assess automation on poorly formatted documents.

Automated IVA Validation

  • Developed an automated process to conduct IVA validation activities and provide IVA audit reports for providers operating in the federal marketplace.  (The IVA validates enrollee data stored on the EDGE server for accuracy of demographic / enrollment data and the accuracy of Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) identified in the payable claims to meet CMS requirements for IVA auditing of insurers in the marketplaces.)  As a part of this work, Lattice Group:
  • Performed a requirements analysis
  • Identified data gaps and created test data
  • Designed and developed the database architecture and data model
  • Designed and implemented a data import process and uploaded data
  • Developed stored procedures based on business rules, and
  • Automated flagging of erroneous data and generation of audit reports and extracts

Across sectors, our goal is to streamline processes, adding automated efficiencies where needed.  Please let us know how we can help your organization better achieve its goals.


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