Laserfiche is an enterprise content management (ECM) system that was developed in 1997. Since that time, its use has expanded rapidly.  Today, more than 30,000 organizations worldwide use Laserfiche to give flexible yet centralized control over their information infrastructure.  Built on top of Microsoft technologies, we have found Laserfiche to be an outstanding application to enhance the efficiency of virtually all medium to large-sized office operations including hospitals and health care organizations, medical groups, universities and government groups, virtually any organization that tends to manage a lot of paperwork and/or people. 

At Lattice Group, our team of programmers and Certified Laserfiche Specialists go one step further by integrating office management applications with Laserfiche to provide full document management function through a web portal. Laserfiche provides an outstanding way to standardize and unify content into a usable, fully seachable form by all parties involved on a project.  Documents held within the Laserfiche repository are scanned, optically read, and converted into indexed, fully searchable documents which everyone can access through an intranet or web portal.  By centralizing the management of all documents and records, access to the information needed is available to all parties involved, allowing users to store, locate, route, review, approve, modify, track and monitor all steps and results along the way.  Coupled with automation, the benefits of a centralized Laserfiche backend are numerous. To name a few:

  • Improved chart accessibility and record management
  • Fully searchable electronic documents and records,
  • Increased record security,
  • Decreased paperwork and duplication,
  • Reduced errors and duplicated effort
  • Decreased overhead costs
  • Increased productivity,
  • Supreme efficiency in locating, accessing and retrieving documents,
  • Automated alerts and reporting (e.g. insufficient staffing flags or recruitment areas),
  • Automated form responses,
  • Centralized access to all documents by all parties involved (medical records, timesheets, invoices, etc.),
  • Searchable, digital repository of contract files (e.g. contracts, agreements, task orders),
  • Searchable, digital repository of all files (e.g. project files, invoices, timesheets, etc.),
  • Searchable, digital repository of patient appointments and staff scheduling, and
  • Automated archive management and purging (e.g. deletion of old patient records).

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